CEEK’R – Now on Patreon!

The first ALL-NEW comic by Rafer Roberts in three years!

January 2023 –

My name is Rafer Roberts and I make comics. Here’s my official bio to prove it:

Rafer Roberts is the writer and co-creator of Modern Fantasy (with Kristen Gudsnuk) and Grumble (with Mike Norton). He’s worked for Dark Horse, Image, Oni, and even conned Valiant into letting him write a few super-hero books, receiving two Harvey Award nominations for his efforts. Rafer’s artwork appeared in the Eisner and Harvey Award winning anthology Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream, and he was founding editor of the Washington DC-based comics newspaper, Magic Bullet. His self-published works include Plastic Farm and Nightmare the Rat, both recently concluded. Rafer lives in Baltimore, as far as you know.

See that part about those two recently concluded works? Those were the comics that I had been writing and drawing MYSELF for damn near the last 40 years –FORTY YEARS– and I finished them both with no plan for what I wanted to draw next.

I finished Nightmare the Rat in 2020, then Plastic Farm in early January 2021, and haven’t drawn a single comic book page since.

I’ve WRITTEN a lot of comics since then, and drawn a few covers and pinups, but I miss drawing my own thing for myself. This Patreon is where I’ll be posting that new comic, currently titled CEEK’R.

Patrons will get to read CEEK’R as I create it, and enjoy all the behind-the-scene thrills that go along with making a weird comic. Won’t you join us?