From blocks to panels! Minecraft returns to comics in this stand-alone anthology collection of officially licensed, original comic stories! With tales of witch and pillager rivals finding common ground, a heartless griefer who bit off more than they could chew, and valiant heroes new (or not!) to the Overworld, this…

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When the forces of good and evil are hunting you down, the only logical thing to do is disguise yourself as a dog and go on the run! Eddie is a low-rent hustler who got magically turned into a pug during a con gone wrong. Tala is Eddie’s long-lost, part-demon…

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“Modern Fantasy” from Kristen Gudsnuk and Rafer Roberts Gives the Genre a Millenial-Approved Twist This June!  In 2017, Dark Horse published the Henchgirl collection by breakout talent Kristen Gudsnuk! Dark Horse is pleased to reveal a new creator-owned project from Gudsnuk and writer Rafer Roberts (A&A: The Adventures of Archer…

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