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15. 06. 2012

Oxymoron update

Here is a piece of artwork from my upcoming story in the Oxymoron anthology. Written by Rich Douek (Gutter Magic), art by me. Available soon from ComixTribe.

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11. 06. 2012

Heroes Con – Update, with map

Here is a map of where you’ll be able to find me during Heroes Con, June 22-24, 2012. And here is a link to the show itself. See you there!

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05. 06. 2012

Heroes Con – June 22-24th

Hey all, Just a quick reminder that I will be at Heroes Con in beautiful Charlotte, NC later this month. I will have comics, prints, and perhaps some special previews of upcoming projects....

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03. 06. 2012

Wild Women – Update

Thought you guys might like to see the cover. I don’t have any concrete info on when the book will be available. I know that Wendi is hard at work coloring the thing,...

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30. 05. 2012

Fever Dreams of Organic Machines – Gallery Show

I am very happy to announce that beginning August 3rd, I will have a gallery show at Visarts at Rockville. There will be an opening reception from 7pm to 9pm on the 3rd,...

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12. 04. 2012

2012 World Tour – April means S.P.A.C.E. and Stumptown

This month (April, 2012) I will be at both the S.P.A.C.E. convention in Columbus, OH and the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, OR. S.P.A.C.E. is being held April 21-22. You can find more...

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08. 04. 2012

Coming attractions – 2012

Here are the comics that I have coming out in 2012. I’ll annoy you more about each one as they get closer to being released. Bold means that I’ve finished, italic means I’m...

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19. 03. 2012


For the past few weeks I have been drawing WILD WOMEN OF THE KITY-KAT GALAXY (a sequel to DOPE FIENDS OF THE ZOMBIE CAFE) written by Sean Frost. It is fantastic and you...

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17. 02. 2012

All New Issues – Guest comic

I drew a guest strip for the webcomic ALL NEW ISSUES. You should go read it, then you should go back and read the other 200 strips from the beginning. Thanks to Bill...

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17. 02. 2012


One of the many comics that I drew LAST year that will be released THIS year is TRUMAN. Written with Art Haupt and colored by Wendi Strang-Frost, TRUMAN will be appearing in the...

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