“Plastic Farm is a strange and unnerving comic book. Like photographs documenting a bear mauling or shark attack, it is physically uncomfortable to read and nearly impossible to put down…Rafer Roberts is scary and brilliant.”

-Punk Planet on Plastic Farm issues #6-8, circa 2006

Contact: rafer@plasticfarm.com

Rafer Roberts has been making comics professionally for over two decades. He is the writer and co-creator of Modern Fantasy, published by Dark Horse Comics, and Grumble, published by Eric Powell’s Albatross Funnybooks. Rafer was the writer on A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong and Harbinger: Renegade for Valiant Comics. His work on X-O Manowar #38 received two Harvey Award nominations for the Special Award for Humor in Comics and Best Cartoonist. His artwork has appeared in the Eisner Award winning anthology Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream from Locust moon Press. His self-published work includes the long running Plastic Farm, Nightmare the Rat, and the Tumblr famous Thanos and Darkseid: Carpool Buddies of Doom which he co-created with Justin Jordan.

Rafer is always interested in hearing about writing gigs (or the occasional art commission) and can be contacted via email: rafer@plasticfarm.com

The Punk Planet quote at the top of this page was one of the first real positive reviews I got in my early days of trying to “break in” to comics. After years of feeling like I was getting nowhere, this review was exactly what I needed to keep me going. I wish I still had the whole thing.

Here are his social media places:


Bibliography, current up until 2016 or so:

“Act Naturally” from the OXYMORON anthology (ComixTribe)

A&A: The Adventures of Archer and Armstrong (writer, Valiant Entertainment)
All New Issues – webcomic, guest strip
Archer and Armstrong #25 – Backup story, with Justin Jordan (Valiant Comics)
Austistic Eye – pinup
“Bear” (writer/artist) Short story from the CARNIVAL anthology (Curls Studios)
“Billy and Dr. Gravely in The Burrito Brouhaha” – from the IMAGINARY DRUGS anthology (IDW). With Sean Frost.
Black Terror: At the Diner – Short story with writer Jeff McClelland
Bloodshot #25 – Backup story, with Justin Jordan (Valiant Comics)
“Destroy Everything You Touch”, Flipside to EMO GALACTUS #2 with RM Rhodes
DOPE FIENDS OF THE ZOMBIE CAFE (artist, written by Sean Frost)
“Dr. John Watson Vs. Little Albert” – UFO Annual 2003
Dr. Gravely and Billy – short story backups appearing in SHUTTER with writer Sean Frost (Image)
DUCK! #1-3
Fubar. -A comic strip from Clemson University’s newspaper, The Tiger
Fubar, Welcome to the Weinermobile. -A collection of most of the Fubar strips. If you can find one, I will buy it from you.
Girls With Slingshots – webcomic, guest strip
“Grandpaw’s Tale” (writer/artist) – Almost Normal Comics and Other Oddities #1
Harbinger #25 – Backup story, with Justin Jordan (Valiant Comics)
Harbinger: Renegades (writer, Valiant Entertainment)
Henry and Glenn Forever and Ever – pinup (Microcosm)
Jack Hammer #4 – cover (Action Lab)
“Leaving the Dead Behind” from the FUBAR: American History Z anthology (Fubar Press)
Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream – Eisner and Harvey Award winning anthology (contributor, Locust Moon Press)
MAGIC BULLET #1-3 (editor)
Magic Bullet #4 – cover
Mercury and the Murd – variant cover
“Mercy of Salem” from the COLONIAL COMICS anthology (Fulcrum)
MISHIT – a collection of the non-plastic comics I’ve done over the years
Nightmare the Rat – Magic Bullet #1-11 and online. Also a collected edition.
Once Upon a Time Machine – lettering (Dark Horse Comics)
Other Stuff -A mini-comic collection of the Dr. Watson story, and a few Fubar strips
PLASTIC FARM: Sowing Seeds on Fertile Soil TPB collection (writer/artist)
PLASTIC FARM: Fertilizer – an interlude in three aprils (remastered)
PLASTIC FARM: Seasons of Growth in the Fields of Despair v1
Red Ten #0 – Pin Up (ComixTribe)
Rise – Anti-bullying anthology (Northwest Press)
SCAM – pinup (ComixTribe)
“Second Wind” (writer/artist) Short story appearing in FUBAR 2, a WWII zombie anthology. (Fubar Press)
“Snowblind” from the Canaan Cult Revival anthology – with Christian Sager
“Song of the Billy-Pomp” from the Ignition Anthology (215 Ink)
The Spookies – cover
Thanos and Darkseid: Carpool Buddies of Doom – with Justin Jordan
“Tiger Lawyer” backup story for SHUTTER #2 with Ryan Ferrier (Image Comics)
“Truman” (co-writer/artist) Short story appearing in the DISTRICT TALES anthology (Fulcrum Press)
Unity #25 – Backup story, with Justin Jordan (Valiant Comics)
“Untitled” – Attic Wit #5
X-O Manowar #25 – Backup story, with Justin Jordan (Valiant Comics)
X-O Manowar #38 – Backup story (Valiant Comics)

5 Responses to “About/Contact”

  • Dan

    I was digging through some boxes over the weekend and found a couple of comics you’d sent me from 2001. I can’t remember where I found your info, but apparently somewhere you’d posted something that said to contact you for a free sample. So I did. And I still have it, as well as some stickers, and another signed comic you sent a few months later. You wrote a letter that said that I was the only one who’d requested a copy. I hope things have picked up for you in the ensuing decade or so.


    p.s. I’m worried about your toilet paper situation. It may be time to stock up again.

  • Rafer

    Hi Dan,
    Welcome back. I wonder if that was from the old Warren Ellis forum perhaps? Things have improved…slightly. :) Thanks!

  • Dave



  • Madeline Taylor

    Dear Rafer,
    Pine Crest Elementary School of Silver Spring, Maryland is in the process of planning and implementing A.R.T.S. Day for its children for Wednesday November 7, 2012. A.R.T.S. – Art Rocks the School Day would be a day in which guest artists would come to our school and engage students in learning new and varied art forms.
    Just like kids need to have good nutrition on a daily basis, kids need to have their daily serving of the arts. Currently, because of budget cuts across the nation, kids are not getting enough art—in or out of school. The arts are much more than just fun “extra” activities for kids. Studies have shown the far-reaching benefits of an arts education.
    For example, the arts
    Improve kids’ overall academic performance.

    Show that kids actively engaged in arts education are likely to have higher test scores than those with little to no involvement.

    Develop skills needed by the 21st century workforce: critical thinking, creative problem solving, effective communication, teamwork and more.

    Teach kids to be more tolerant and open.

    Allow kids to express themselves creatively and bolster their self-confidence.

    Keep students engaged in school and less likely to drop out.
    In order to get A.R.T.S. day off the ground and running, we need the help of local artists like you. I was wondering if you would be willing to come to our school and participate in such an event while imparting your great skills to small groups of needy and at risk children. Since there are many costs involved in implementing such a spectacular event, the monetary gains would be limited but the rewards to all would be tremendous.

    In helping to implement A.R.T.S. Day 2012, you are reaching out to local school children and providing them with a wonderful learning experience.

    I greatly appreciate your help in any way.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Madeline Taylor

    Coordinator A.R.T.S. Day 2012

    • Rafer

      Hi Madeline,

      Apologies for only seeing this comment now. (An easier way to get ahold of me in the future is through email: rafer AT plasticfarm DOT com). Unfortunately I cannot make ARTS day this year, but I hope that it is a wonderful success! Please let me know of any other arts programs that you folks might have in the works. Thanks! -rafer

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