Plastic Farm

Written and (mostly) drawn by Rafer Roberts, Plastic Farm follows the life of a man named Chester and his slow descent into complete insanity and chronicles how that madness reshapes the world around him. Chester has had a rough childhood, has a magic cowboy that rides a dinosaur living inside of his head, and is now, late in life, sitting in a nameless airport bar during a blizzard telling his life story to a group of people who really couldn’t care less.

There will be three major arcs in Plastic Farm, two in-between issues, a prologue and an epilogue. The first story arc PLASTIC FARM PART ONE: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL encompasses the first twelve issues, and introduces nearly every major character that will appear in this projected 40-50 issue series. The TPB collection (ISBN: 9780981457024) is available to purchase at finer comic shops around the world, through this website, from Amazon or Things From Another World. Digital copies are currently being released through ComiXology, and DriveThruComics.

Here are some sample pages:

Plastic Farm 1999 or 2002 (depending on when you start counting)-present

***Download a preview PDF of SEASONS OF GROWTH right here

PLASTIC FARM: FERTILIZER (an interlude in three aprils) was original published in 2007 as an original graphic novel, and acts as a bridge between parts one and two. Physical copies are available from this website, Amazon, and many fine comic book shops. Digital copies are available from ComiXology, DriveThruComics, and Graphicly

***Download a preview PDF of FERTILIZER right here

PLASTIC FARM PART TWO: SEASONS OF GROWTH IN THE FIELDS OF DESPAIR is the current story-arc and is anticipated to run to issue 45 or so. Print copies are currently available in mini-comic form from this website’s store, and are forthcoming digitally from Graphicly.


“Innovative although sincerely demented…A really strange, really engrossing good comic book”  -DAVE SIM

“Plastic Farm romps through convention and blasphemy with equanimity. By turns mesmerizing and appalling, Plastic Farm never ceases its kinetic thrill ride through Rafer’s obviously damaged psyche.” -LARRY YOUNG. Publishing magnate and Comic Book Godfather

“An epic descent into madness and, not coincidentally, hilarity. This is not your garden variety insanity but the carefully cultivated kind that only a lifetime of consuming pop culture effluvia can evoke. Hide your daughters and your livestock… the era of Plastic Farm has arrived.” -ROB VOLLMAR. Eisner nominated writer of The Castaways and international heart-throb

“It will work its way under your skin until you can’t wait to see how the next twist unfolds.” -INDY COMIC REVIEW

“This has the chance to be one of the truly remarkable comic series to be produced in the last ten years”  -OPTICAL SLOTH (read all of the Optical Sloth reviews, and there are a bunch of the them, here)

“Filled with a bit of mystery, a little noir, cracks on religious fervor, the promise of hope, and even a little baseball, this story features a sampling of everything in order to create a whole that both makes perfect sense and is totally screwed up all at the same time. In short, Rafer Roberts knows how to tell good comics.”  -PANEL PATTER (read full review here)

“I have to admit I still don’t get it…and what I do get disgusts me”. -JOHANNA DRAPER CARLSON, Comics Worth Reading

COMIC A DAY has reviewed issues 1-19 of Plastic Farm over here.

CHICKS DIG BOOKS gives us a nice mention here.


Retailers interested in carrying PLASTIC FARM? You can order the SOWING SEEDS collection from Diamond (order code:APR110754) or you can order single issues from Tony Shenton at Questions? Comments? Email me at

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