Haitus Post #7 – Covers

On July 22, 2009 by admin

In addition to creating new comics page for you to read, I’ve also started to get off my ass and put out some print comics. I admit that I have fallen behind and apologize to those of you out there with money just accumulating in your pockets and no new Plastic Farm comics to spend it on.

While the new print comics are still not yet available in the store, I did want to show off the next sets of covers. Long time Plastic Farm readers may notice that I have gone in a different direction designing these covers for Seasons of Growth as opposed to the first 12 print comics that made up Sowing Seeds on Fertile Soil. You should expect a different thematic device for Part Three when that comes around.

Anyway, the next few covers. Click on each to make them bigger:

In case you’re wondering, I have about 12 more covers worth of landscape already set up.

And, lest I forget, though I have a small backlog of reader letters and emails for publication in the letters column I can always use more. If you like or dislike Plastic Farm enough to put your emotions into email form, you can send those emails to rafer at plasticfarm dot com.


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