Hiatus post #4 – Cat poop

On June 27, 2009 by admin

There has been a lot of discussion (mostly by me) of an upcoming Plastic Farm chapter that I keep referring to as “The Poop Story”. This note is not it:

Most of my story ideas are originally in this form, i.e. a random phrase or two written on a scrap of paper on which are sometimes written small grocery lists or small drawings of monsters. I think this was going to be a children’s book all about a mother teaching her child how to poop in a toilet. A fable about potty training wherein the example of a cat using a litter box is used to inspire a small child to stop crapping its pants.

Not quite sure what the sequel would have been about. Overcoming constipation, perhaps?

I thought these to be stupid stories at the time, but revisiting them now I can see some merit in them and may return to this…

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