Plastic Farm, around the web (pt. 1)

On February 7, 2009 by admin

Hey everyone, thanks again for stopping by. The current chapter is nearly finished and, if my math is correct, the next chapter (Chapter 19: Cheezer) starts on Friday.

Anyway, just wanted to mention two other places on the web that may be of interest to you.

The Plastic Farm Facebook group:

I don’t seem to update that page as much as I should, but there is a good reason that you should join up. I tend to send out exlusive previews and music through the member messaging feature there. So, just because the main page looks barren is no reason that you shouldn’t join.

The Plastic Farm Twitter feed:

In addition to me telling you about how many times I’ve eaten at the small diner across the street from my house, I will sometimes post pictures of pages I am currently drawing. If you want these sorts of real time previews, then you should start following me on Twitter.

Though, I do also tend to post pictures like this one:

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