PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL now available on ComiXology – and free comic giveaway

On September 4, 2013 by Rafer

I started PLASTIC FARM in 2001 as a handmade magazine-sized xeroxed comic. (I had actually started drawing it in 1999, but that’s beside the point.) Four issues were published in this format before I switched over to a more traditional format. I still have a big heavy box that I’ve been using as a footrest filled with my remaining stock of those early PLASTIC FARM books.

On Wednesday of this week, PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL (collecting the first 12 issues of PLASTIC FARM) goes live on ComiXology. To commemorate this event, and to give something back to all of you for supporting this goofy comic for the past 12 and a half years, I’m going to give these away.

Here is how to get one:

1) Download PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL from ComiXology. (Alternate option for non digital readers: Own a copy of ANY issue or collection of PLASTIC FARM.)

2) Post some sort of picture of you reading PLASTIC FARM on your tablet device (or a screenshot of your checkout screen or, for non-digital readers, a picture of you reading a physical copy of PLASTIC FARM) and post that picture on Tumblr or Twitter or Facebook along with a link to PLASTIC FARM on ComiXology.

3) Email your mailing address to with the subject FREE PLASTIC FARM and I’ll send you one of these comics. Include a link to your picture, wherever you posted it, so I can publicly thank you.

I’ll give these away for as long as I have any left to give away, one issue per person starting with #1 until they are gone then moving on to issue #2 and so on. However, the more creative your pictures are, the more likely I am to throw in additional issues. These are pretty rare and once they are gone, they are gone.

Here is that link again:


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