Kickstarter update – 9 days to go!

On November 8, 2012 by Rafer

As many of you know, we have surpassed a few stretch goals on the PLASTIC FARM Kickstarter. In addition to folks now receiving free copies of PLASTIC FARM #22 when it is complete, we are now able to put the 120-page PLASTIC FARM: FERTILIZER back into print.

Bridging the gap between PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL and PLASTIC FARM: SEASONS OF GROWTH IN THE FIELDS OF DESPAIR, FERTILIZER fills in backstories and gives depth to many major secondary characters.

April, 1972. Living on a compound surrounded by those who have rejected the reality that modern society has imposed upon us all, Jonathan Picanos has begun to experiment with new forms of meditation and self-mutilation. His friends, while recognizing that Jonathan has become adept at his mastery over nature, do not realize the depths to which he has gone. When a new threat to their way of life emerges from the shadows, will Jonathan’s mastery over reality save his friends and family, or will he lead them all to death and damnation?

April, 1998. Eliza Dorne is an assassin and, while she is quite good at her job, wishes to retire. She has completed what she hoped was her final mission, but her employer (a man known by many names, but most commonly known as The Reverend or The Smiling Man) is not so eager to let her go.

April, 1994. Frank and Benny were two honest cops killed while staking out the handoff of medical files between a junky and The Smiling Man. Now they find themselves resurrected and performing menial tasks as an undead zombie-like janitorial staff.

Three seemingly unrelated tales detailing three separate events that will reshape the lives and realities of all who dare enter the world of Plastic Farm. Written by Rafer Roberts, and featuring artwork by Wendi Strang-Frost and Jake Warrenfeltz.

This new printing features a new bonus section showing off some of my notes and sketches done while making FERTILIZER.

I have added a few “unlocked” reward levels to make it easier for new backers to get a copy of PLASTIC FARM: FERTILIZER, but if you are an existing backer I’ve tried to make life easy for you as well. Everyone who has pledged $70 or higher (including the shipping fee for international bidders) will automatically be getting a copy of FERTILIZER. Bidders at $60 can add $10 to their pledge and get a copy. Everyone else can add $15. Feel free to contact me if this is confusing.

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