New comic in the gallery. Thanos/Darkseid

On October 22, 2012 by Rafer

Here is a new 3-page comic written by Justin Jordan and drawn by me. I think it pretty well speaks for itself. (I’ve posted the whole thing in the gallery section as well.)

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  • Hi! This is amazing! Any chance of being able to purchase a print or something similar? Let me know! :)

  • Patrick

    Fantastic. I’m delighted to see that Darkseid drives a vintage VW Rabbit.

  • Bill Crupe

    Met you at Beyond Comics in Gaithersburg, MD, on Free Comic Book Day. When I saw the mini “Carpool of Doom” I had to have it as I consider myself to be the biggest Darkseid fan, ever (whether that’s good or bad who is to say?). I bought the first issue of Plastic Farm to get it and you graciously drew a picture of Darkseid inside the cover. I know you had sketch cards but I am imfamous for losing things.

    Anyway when I got home and read it I had a laughing fit. Really, I should have been on the toilet as I practically peed myself!!!

    I told my wife, who very seldom will look at a comic (In fact she has read about90 of the 40,000 I have). She looked at me with a look only the wife of a comic geek can give and said “later”. After insisting that she needed no background in comic continuity and that her incredible pop-culture knowledge would suffice.

    Well, I should have warned her as to using the bathroom as a library. There were so many tears rolling I wasn’t sure she was laughing or stabbed herself on a staple! Not that she will turn into a comic reader, but she thoroughly enjoyed it. “Darkseid always knew you were an asshole, Thanos” was a catchphrase for a couple weeks here.

    I’m about to cut back some of my NEW52 habit and will look into more Plastic Farm comics. Having grown up on undergrounds in the 1970s I appreciate the approach to the plots and the crazy B&W artwork.

    Thanks again,


    • Rafer

      Hi Bill,
      Thanks for the kind words! I think we’ll have to use your story as a testimonial somewhere. I’m gonna make sure to pass this along to Justin as he deserves full credit for your new favorite catchphrase. :) Thanks again for picking up the book, the awesome review, and for giving the rest of our titles a chance. -rafer

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