17. 11. 2013

Nightmare the Rat webcomic, launching 1/1/14

Nightmare the Rat is coming to the web. Launching January 1st and then updating weekly. The first few weeks will be stuff that you’ve all already seen, but sometime around mid-May the comic...

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02. 10. 2013

PLASTIC FARM: FERTILIZER now available on ComiXology

PLASTIC FARM: FERTILIZER is now available from ComiXology! Bridging the gap between Plastic Farm Part One (Sowing Seeds on Fertile Soil) and Plastic Farm Part Two (Seasons of Growth in the Fields of...

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30. 09. 2013

Locust Moon Comics Festival – Oct 5, 2013

This upcoming weekend, I will be at the 2nd annual Locust Moon Comics Festival in beautiful Philadelphia PA. I’ll have a bunch of comics (Plastic Farm, Oxymoron, Wild Women of the Kitty Kat...

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24. 09. 2013

Thanos and Darkseid – NYCC exclusive mini-comic

Thanos and Darkseid: Carpool Buddies of Doom a New York Comic Con exclusive comic by Justin Jordan and Rafer Roberts. Hey everyone, Justin and I made another one! We’re printing up 200 copies of...

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10. 09. 2013

S.P.X. – Septemer 14-15th in Bethesda MD

This is where I will be during SPX. Quick reference, I’ll be working the DC Conspiracy table from 11am-1:40pm and 5-7pm on Saturday and 12-2pm and 4:30-6pm on Sunday. The rest of the...

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04. 09. 2013

PLASTIC FARM: SOWING SEEDS ON FERTILE SOIL now available on ComiXology – and free comic giveaway

I started PLASTIC FARM in 2001 as a handmade magazine-sized xeroxed comic. (I had actually started drawing it in 1999, but that’s beside the point.) Four issues were published in this format before...

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21. 08. 2013

BMore Into Comics – This Saturday (8/24/13)

I will be here, and so should you. BMORE INTO COMICS, a series of comics shows featuring local comic book artists and held in locations in/around Baltimore. The first one will be taking...

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11. 08. 2013

Preorder PLASTIC FARM #23

(This will be debuting at this year’s Small Press Expo, but pre-orders will ship out a few days ahead of time.) Written and Drawn by Rafer Roberts Includes “Chapter 35: The Thixotrope Talks...

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17. 07. 2013

cARToons exhibit – July 16th-September 1st 2013

Here is a little bit of info about the folks who will be displaying artwork at the cARToons exhibit. Carolyn Belefski is creator of the Curls comic strip at curls-studio.com and collaborates with...

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08. 07. 2013

Rom Remix

In order to increase awareness of The Bill Mantlo Project and to perhaps help raise funds for his continuing medical care, Rob Harrington put together the ROM Remix Project. I joined a bunch...

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